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Mccann Pet Group

McCann Pet Group (MPG) is a leading provider of innovative pet products with over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience. We started out as a provider of lifestyle enhancing products, including unique lawn & garden and fashion-forward home furnishings. In 2001 we began our exclusive focus on improving the lives and wellbeing of pets and their owners with fun, unique and visually compelling pet products with an emphasis on toys. We pride ourselves on creating innovative brands and designs of superior quality. This commitment to consistently delivering new, high quality products to retailers worldwide has made us a successful industry leader.




Our international design teams are located in the United States, Europe and China. Our showroom and factories in China produce the most innovative products year round.

We offer creative designs and quality products. From endless rope styles with unique braid patterns to durable, rubber toys in various fun shapes, we have the ability to mix TPR, plush, fleece, nylon, canvas, and rope to create toys for tons of fun! Our tuff toys combine ballistic nylon, fire hose & durable rubber for extreme fetch & tug, and our dental and treat dispensing toys keep dogs occupied and help with dental hygiene.


Our multiple brand lines allow us to offer complete design, manufacturing, and branding to all major distribution channels. Our development team responds quickly to trend changes in the marketplace which allows us to integrate the latest fashion and functions into our designs.

All of our brands offer toys in one of six categories - interact, boredom busters, tough, comfort, dental, and play & fetch, allowing retailers to supply pet parents with toys that cover all their pets' needs.



We are industry leaders in developing and launching new products both for our own brands and for our retail partners. In addition to our experience and creativity, retailers know that we consistently look for ways to support their strategies while delivering quality and innovative products. We currently provide private label products for exclusive retailer brands around the world.








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